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Some Things About Me Are True

Everybody loves a list, so here's my bio; some things about me in a list, in no particular order. All the things are true, though of course some are truer than others. I’ve assessed them like (this).

* I started my first novel when I was 14. (This is true but boring.)

* I love dogs and I've always had dogs, but these days, we have a bird. (This is true. It’s weird too, because birds are like anti dogs; they’re unpredictable, super smart, and fly.)

* I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. (This is true. It was beautiful.)

* I'm fluent in Lua. (This is less true than it used to be.)

* I've started three different tech companies, which is how I discovered I'm bad at it. (This is true and not true—I’m actually good at starting them. It’s the other parts.)

* Our bird will outlive me. (Statistically speaking, true.)

* I prefer tequila to mezcal because it tastes more predictable. (True, in this and many other parts of my life, I need a predictable environment to foster writing. This makes me boring to go on vacation with, unless you're reading one of my books, which, whatever else can be said about them, will not bore you on vacation.)

* I have a humanities degree. (True almost by accident.)

* The only time I've ever thrown up while bowling, it was because of tequila. (True. I classify bowling as a drinking game, similar to quarters.)

* I have a magic-adjacent belief that problems will fix themselves if I ignore them. (True. I try not to fix what isn’t broken, and I err on the side of optimism and patience, because I’m naturally optimistic and lazy.)

* When my wife met me I was living in my Westfalia. (True and very romantic.)

* I live in a house now, in LA, with my wife and our son and our long lived bird. (True. It’s a great place to live and they’re great people and a bird to live with. I’m lucky.)

* In novels I like characters with flaws, and I like stakes that have been built, not bought. (So very, very true.)

* I follow research in senolytics. (Less true than it used to be, but I still check in.)

* I'm attracted to fiction readers. Honestly, they're just sexier than other people. (True. Look at yourself in the mirror. You know what I’m talking about.)